Stop mumbling.
Speak louder, Shriya.
You ask me to speak, to speak louder.
Speak you say.
But when I am loud you stare at me as though my words contaminate the air you breathe- like they suffocate you.
As if my thoughts do not deserve the volume at which they are spoken,
As id me being a small built, short Indian teenage girl means that my words deserve to be nothing but good Instagram captions and WordPress blog posts.
So now I’m quiet so that you can feel comfortable, safe and secure.
So that my words do not clash with your narrow minded beliefs.
And that is why when you ask me to speak up, speak louder and to stop mumbling I would rather remain silent.
But do not mistake my silence to be my weakness; because in this mundane and monotone world, my dreams of colours and letters will come together and flow out into your world, into our world and that my friend will give me strength, then I’ll be loud and not mumble and good luck trying to shut me up.