Yin Yang- Companions for life


There can be no doubt,
In the fact that there is positivity in life.
Who in a state of exuberant pain,
Does not look for hope?

But one must admit,
If not on the surface,
Then at least deep within himself,
That darkness is a must in one’s life.

Every cloud has a silver lining-
Making it obvious to even every positivist,
That there must be a darkness that accompanies the positive side of life;
And a shadow arising from the amalgamation of the two.

Positivity does not require negativity,
To support its existence.
Perhaps positivity fears its solitude
Because of which it relies on the juxtaposed negativity for its glorification.

Therefore, joy casts its spell,
Capturing laughter, success and hope,
Only to seek refuge and to befriend pain.
To satisfy his ulterior motive,
To satisfy a sadistic pleasure,
To be assured some form of adulation.

Daily prompt: Juxtapose