Difficulties of Life

We are all born vulnerable,
And we all live extremely vulnerable lives.
Forever exposed to threats, challenges and difficulties.

The difficulties of life are endless.

We are born not knowing when death will dawn on us.
We grow up a little only to realise that who we are is not enough and that we have to change ourselves to be liked, to be loved.

We are put in schools,
Made to slog day and night to get that perfect score,
That is expected to get us a perfect life.
This process goes on for another twenty years,
And then we get a job,
Where we slog to get that perfect pay package
That promises us a perfect life.

We get married,
We have children,
We change ourselves to be able to co-exist with another soul,
To nourish another life.

Then old age gets to us,
The bad health,
The weakened body,
The dependence.
The pain.

And then comes death bringing with it peace.

The greatest difficulty of life is that we do not live at all.
We are nothing but puppets controlled by family and society,
That subject us to several challenges on the pretext that they intend to teach us and give us joy.
But do any of them while ensuring that we are happy, ask us if we like what we are doing?
Rather, what we are made to do.

The thing about life these days is that it is nothing but an extremely mechanical process,
Where we are not allowed to think, to explore and to choose what we want.
It is a process of pretentious growth where people impose what they think is good for us.