Dear People, Please wake up

#Notwithoutmydogs we say
Because they are life forms that cannot talk,
Because they do not have speech,
Because they are primitive,
With communication rudimentary.

They are animals too,
All in this world,
Where man with his “superior intelligence”
Is expected to make life better.

But we never say,
#Notwithoutmyelephant or #Notwithoutmytiger
And why I wonder.

Is it because we do not live among them?
Is it because they are wild animals?
Is it because they can harm us, if given a chance?

Dear Human,
Use your rational brain with its superior abilities,
And think beyond yourself.

Understand that all animals,
Wild or not,
Deserve love too,
Deserve to live too,
So why don’t we pressurise the government to protect elephants, rhinos, tigers and plants and insects too?
Why are we limiting ourselves to dogs alone?

Is this what humanity has come to?-
All about caring for oneself,
But isn’t that selfish?

Dear Reader,
Live and let live.