Slowly but surely,
Day by day,
I’m learning to embrace, love and accept the woman I am becoming.

Sometimes, I do not understand her reasons,
Or why she is the way she is,
But I do know that it is all part of the bigger picture.
The failures, the mistakes, the choices and the detours are all aiming at the purpose of making me who I am predestined to be.

So, I’ve made a promise to be gentle on her.
To allow her to wonder and wander,
I will let her choose what she likes and doesn’t like.
I’ll let her change and evolve,
I’ll let her cry and be miserable, to laugh and be contented.

And I promise to with her through it all.
I’ll be there when she loses,
I’ll be there when she wins.
I’ll love her and hold her tight during the cold nights.
I’ll take care of her as much as I can.
I’ll give her all the freedom she needs to explore, to find her way and be who she’s supposed to be.