‘I Love You’ – Exploited

Unfortunately, in today’s society saying “I love you” does not mean the same as it did in previous years. Couples say “I love you” for the wrong reasons, at the wrong times and in the wrong ways. People say “I love you” in hopes to keep the other around longer. Sometimes, they are so afraid that they are going to lose their partner that they say “I love you” in hopes of keeping them in the relationship. Unfortunately, this either scares the partner away or causes them to feel obligated to say it back and cause them to live in an unhealthy relationship based on a lie.

People, more guys than girls, tend to say “I love you” in hopes of pursuing a sexually active relationship. There is a reason it is called “making love,” as you should be in love with the person you choose to have sex with. Just because you are in a relationship or seeing someone does not mean you are obligated to have sex with him or her. You should feel a special connection with them and know that this is not the basis of your relationship with them. “I love you” does not mean “have sex with me.” It means I want something more with you and I want you to know how much you mean to me.

People also say “I love you” at the wrong times. If someone is emotionally unstable they may say “I love you” to try to become stable. This allows them to lean on someone and know that the person will be there for them during this tough time. Long distance relationships are frequently saying “I love you” at the wrong times. These relationships undergo tremendous stress, not being able to see each other often may lead to doubts, doubts in your partner’s faith, and possibly doubts in the relationship as a whole. Saying “I love you” in a long distance relationship could be a possible way of trying to maintain your partner’s faith and interests.