I find comfort in words.   Words are my only source of assurance in this chaotic world.

My thoughts are a mess.

My head is chaotic.

I sometimes wonder if my life is nothing but a game of chess with the entire world playing against me,

And I’m alone- a one man army.

I’m not winning at this,

But I stand strong.

No matter how tired I am, I can’t escape.

There is really no escape from this harsh reality,

From this harsh reality called life.

Only the pawns are enough to collapse my dreams.

Just the pawns; not the bishop or Knight or king or queen.

When my dreams crashed, I thought the end was here.

I hear voices in my head,” Check and mate,” is what they say.

Tears roll down my cheeks,

I sit in a corner,

And give in.

I give into the pain.

I hear another whisper.

Hope says, “hey, listen. You can’t give up. You’re always stronger than the pain.”

I realised that hope was all that I had,

I found confidence.

And learnt to play.