August 1918

A veteran of World War I soldier sipped his coffee as he read the newspapers about German defeat in the war.

He sighed as he put the paper down, looked around. He noticed a burly man approaching the café, and a small punier- looking and walking up towards him. After a seemingly far-from-pleasant exchange of words, an intensive street brawl started.

The soldier sighed. Was this what Germany had come to? The world’s most advanced country falling into the hands of anarchy? No, this was not correct. This should not be happening. It was all the government’s fault. How could they sign the humiliating treaty of Versailles? What Germany needed was a dictator; someone who cared for them, someone who cared for all of Germany…

Someone needed to take an initiative. But who would? People had even begun betting on the petty issue.

He decided that he would take up the initiative. Who else would? After all, everything that had meant anything to him had been wiped out of existence… except Germany… Adolf Hitler walked out of the café with a new sense of purpose.