I’m not my grades.
I’m not those numbers.
I can’t math,
And I’m sure that there are many other who can’t.
There’s nothing wrong with that.
Stop telling students that low grades mean low ability.
It is not true that low grades are an indicator of low success.

Tell them what they’re worth.
Support them.
Let them do what they like and enjoy.
Let them follow their passion.

Stop dictating every act of theirs.
Stop controlling them.
You think you are making them,
But you’re only breaking them.

Students should be told what they’re worth,
They should be told that grades define them in no way.

How can sheets of paper with some ink on them make you believe how smart or dumb you are?

We take tests and ache for that perfect ten.
If only we could shake the stress of our heads.
How nice that would be.

I’m not saying that education is a waste of time,
But schooling is no more about education.
It is about scoring.
There is no learning.

Students should be told that as long as they don’t break the rules and they pass, they’ll be fine.

As a student,
I’ve struggled a lot.

Schooling no longer focuses on education,
On learning.
All that schooling does is break a student’s confidence.
Schooling focuses on byhearting formulae and dates and facts that you vomit in those exams for that perfect score.

I still remember those months like yesterday,
When I used to depend on caffeine to keep me up all day and night,
So that I wouldn’t miss out on what was taught in class,
And so that I could study all night long to pass my exams,
Because I feared being labelled as dumb and average by teachers.
Because I did not want them to judge my parents, their attitudes and values because of me.

What has education come to?

Education promised innovation and confidence. Education promised higher levels of self esteem. Education promised better health. But clearly these haven’t been kept.

I still find myself running into class on some mornings because I was studying the night before, so that I can find a spot at the back of the class, where the teachers can’t see me. So that I can rest and hope for a better day.