Expectations will be the death of me.
From day one we are told to conform,
To comply.

Go to school, learn, study;
Slog our asses off,
To get that good score.

We put our fate, destiny and future in the hands of others and wait to be judged,

We are told that our grades and those define who we are and our future
To make my parents and myself happy.
And to succeed.

But do they really make us happy?
Is that high paying job going to make me happy?
But wait, is that what I want?
Am I living my life?


We are taught to comply, to conform and to change and adapt,
To be able to live happily.
But we aren’t really happy.
We are just adapting to maintain harmony in the world around us.

We are living for the world around us.
We are living according to the world around us.
We are taught to live for the world around us and not for us.

What is life when we have to find joy and satisfaction based on others’ definitions?
What happens to individuality when we all strive to be the same?