A tale in a verse

Once upon a time,
In a land, far away
In China, was a girl,
Who couldn’t live the traditional Chinese way.
Her name was Milan,
She was strong and fierce.
Amidst society’s taunts and jeers,
Her life wasn’t easy.
And when she came of age,
To her matchmaker she was sent.
But in the matchmaker’s life,
She was quite a dent.
The matchmaker screamed,
And threw Mulan out.
Mulan went home,
Sad and disheartened.
A disgrace and dishonour to her family,
And with a mind terribly burdened.
This wasn’t all.
More misfortune, was to come to her family.
The Huns had arrived,
And the king’s soldiers would allow no travesty.
And Mulan’s father,
Though old would have to go.
The only man of the family,
Would have to fight in the cold and snow.
Mulan couldn’t bear it,
For her father was injured too.
So she took her father’s place,
No longer feeling blue.
She stole her father’s armour,
Named herself Ping,
And with the help of the family guardian,
She set out to do an extraordinary thing.
She got a place in the army,
Despite the failure she seemed.
They soon set out for the capital,
The whole army contingent.
And Ping saved them all,
And became quite the legend.
Soon Ping’s secret was out.
Ping was a girl!
Devastated and shocked.
Mulan was given the hurl.
But China’s king was in danger,
And Mulan set out to save him,
And the be a history changer.
The Huns were defeated,
She was no longer a zero.
With glory and honour she went home,
And this village girl became a hero.