Photo challenge: Growth

2018 will not be a new year for you if you still prefer to stay in your comfort zone.

Growth is changing from one version of you to another.

I experienced growth in the year 2017 and it was amazing.

The year 2017 gave me hope and taught me that I can do everything as long as I tell myself that I can and as long as I do not let fear get to me.

So the year 2017 did me a lot of good and taught me to love myself all the time, irrespective of the circumstance. I realised that I need to love myself because not everyone will and even if anyone does love me, they will not love me completely and accept me entirely.

In 2017 I learnt to take care of myself because I matter. So what happened is, in the beginning of the year I felt the need to achieve something because competition got to me. I began to feel inferior to everyone around me. I began to think that pushing myself is the only way I can achieve something, is the only way I can become more competent. So, I began pushing myself. Stress got to me and initially it did me good so I liked it. Then I continued with the same routine and stress did me bad, it affected my health. This is when I realised that I need not work like crazy, I need not be stressed inorder to achieve and be happy. Rather I learnt that I should be planned and organised and work steadily inorder to be happy and those who will love, those who are supposed to love me will love me for who I am.

2017 taught me that relationships are transient. It doesn’t matter what they say or how much they matter to you, if they choose to leave then they will. I lost a great friend in the year 2017, we don’t talk anymore and it hurts me a lot. It took me loads of time to accept that we were no longer friends or even acquaintances but strangers in stead. It hurt me. But, at the end I learnt to let go and move on.

I’m really not the kind of person who likes anything adventure oriented or a little scary and dangerous but in the year 2017, I challenged myself to complete a trek in the North East of India. So this trek was into a valley in one of the hills of the seven sisters, in a village called Cherapunji in Meghalaya. When it got steep and scary at some points I stopped, I panicked and thought I couldn’t but then I sat down, took some deep breaths and moved on. When we reached the bottom most part of this trek, I saw the most beautiful bond in nature with just a little intervention. I saw the aerial roots of two Bamboo trees come together to form a bridge that dates back to the early 1960s. It was a beautiful sight.

The double decker root bridge trek was hard but completely worth it.

So, 2017 for me has been an amazing year and I’ve loved every bit of it. I hope 2018 is as wonderful to me as 2017 was.

I look forward to more such opportunities that will help me grow.

My bucket list for this year as of now is:

1. To get into a good college for my undergraduation degree.  2. To go on a solo trip.  3. To complete the 100 blogs in one year challenge that I have taken upon myself.  3. To set up a library in a government school or just to encourage reading among the students of a government school.  4. To improve the state of sanitation facilities, by contributing my bit no matter how small it is.