Sometimes I wake up and don’t feel great,
You’re insecure and stressed.
I don’t think I can face the world,
And I don’t think it’s okay.

I’m not okay.

I have this ache in stomach that I will have to live with for the next few days.
Because all the love and hard work I put into building myself was replaced by bitter hate.

Why does the world have to be this way?
Why can’t we all be nice?
Why can’t we be content with what we are?

I want it to go away,
So I lie in bed and do other pointless things the entire day,
And that is when the guilt kicks in.

It makes me feel ashamed.
It makes me want to kill myself.

This isn’t a phase,
And I don’t know what to do,
To fix these everyday blues.
They consume every inch of me.

Sometimes I just want to break,
I don’t want to go outside and deal with people with a fake smile on my face.
I want to hide, to be invisible, to escape.

But that doesn’t matter.
It doesn’t matter where I go,
It’s my brain.

It’s like fighting an endless battle,
And I’m just not strong enough.

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