I am human too

I am human.
I do not have to be exactly like you,
To have to be treated as a human.

It is not what I look like or any other physical characteristics that make me human,
But just the fact that I think rationally,
And just the fact that I don’t require an explanation and continuous requests from an another,
To treat him or her as an equal.

Just because I have a piercing or two,
Doesn’t make me less human than you.

Just because I have a tattoo,
Doesn’t make me less of a human.

Just because I have an illness,
Doesn’t mean you pity me and sympathise with me to make me feel better.
But if that is honestly what you care about then treat me as an equal,
Do not sympathise.
Let me be as much of a human as you.

Just because I am a woman,
Doesn’t mean that I can be viewed as an object.
It doesn’t mean that I do not deserve respect.
I am human too.

Just because I choose to have sexual intercourse with those of my own kind,
Doesn’t mean that I have no values,
Or that I am just going through some phase.
It doesn’t mean anything but the fact that I am human and I choose to do something that you do not.

Just because I don’t want to get married,
Doesn’t mean you talk ill of me or my parents.
It is not that I do not have any culture,
Like you would say.
It is just that I want to live without any additional baggage and that I do not require that to supplement my living.
My choice doesn’t make me less human.

Just because I fail my exams doesn’t mean I am stupid or incompetent.
It just shows the shortcomings of the education which is unable to benefit all individuals.
My marks aren’t a factor that determine my worth,
A criterion that becomes the basis for my being human.

Just because I divorced my spouse,
Doesn’t mean that I was in an abusive relationship,
Or that my spouse was a bad person,
And it is definitely not indicator of how cooperative I am.
I don’t have to justify my actions to you,
I simply deserve to be treated as a human being.

The fact that I eloped with my lover,
Doesn’t mean that I disrespected you.
I didn’t and that is why I chose my own path.
It is you who disrespected us by not treating us as humans and not letting us do what we want.

Just because I choose to believe in myself only,
And depend on my abilities only.
Doesn’t make me a bad person.
It doesn’t mean that I am less of a human.
It just means that I believe in myself,
More than you do in yourself.
It doesn’t mean that I am not a human in any way at all.

Why is it that I have to explain my being to you so that you can treat me as a human?

It is honestly very sad that we have to justify our ways of being to be treated as human beings. What has this world come to? We pride ourselves with technological and scientific growth but doesn’t development of the mind and social order have to be proportional to this? Why is it that mental development and scientific growth are not going hand in and? It should be a universal rule that we all should be treated as human beings, which means that we all should treat each other as humans irrespective of whatever physical characteristics and behaviours. We all so badly want to be the ideal human that we are forgetting to br human.

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