•You’re trapped energy•


You matter to this universe,
You can make a difference too.
It doesn’t matter what size you,
What shape you are or
How tall you or where you come from.
These don’t determine who you are,
Trust me on that.
The energy that is trapped inside your body,
That energy which is flowing in your veins- in your blood,
Is what determines who you are.
That energy determines how you use your power,
To change this world,
To leave a dent on humanity
And to be remembered for time immemorial.
There’s energy in all of us.
Feed on positivity
And you’ll breed positivity.
Love yourself,
In all your flaws,
Acknowledge that you’ve made mistakes,
And that’ll help you learn and grow.
Love all those around you,
People and animals and plants of all kind.
Cherish life and life will cherish you.



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