daily prompt pedigree picture

His lineage is of very little consequence to me.
I will never stop loving him,
Nothing can make me stop loving him-
Not his past, his habits or status.
All that matters to me is that
He chose to be mine,
He chose to love me when the world had turned its back against me,
He gave me light when I’d lost all hope in this world,
He chose to be home to all my insecurities.
He is my home,
He is my family,
He loves me unconditionally
And that support and acceptance is all that I need,
To show the world who I really am,
And what I am capable of
And to make all my dreams and wishes come true.

I am truly grateful for all that he gives me,
I have no words or actions that can truly convey my gratitude to him and to whatever circumstances or to all those people who made him this noble.


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