A relationship of 132.42 crores of people

Daily Prompt: Toxic

an often neglected toxic relationship

India is fast becoming a nation divided by a virulent political climate. The divide has always been there. After all, we all have our differing political philosophies.

Many people see the role of the government as having a duty to act in the best interest of the nation and that our laws need to be structured with the betterment of the country as a whole having the highest priority. Others see the role of government as acting in the best interest of the individual in the sense that the role of the India Constitution is to protect its citizens from government exploitation. There is no dividing point of the right or the wrong in either philosophies. In fact, there are a lot of crossovers- overlapping of philosophies.

However, there are certain factors that have changed what many perceive as the legitimate role of government and what our highest priorities should be. Much of the division between how Indians perceive themselves has a lot to do with their priorities. For many, family and self are their major priorities. For others, national military standing, trade policies and fiscal policies is their highest priority. For others still, it can be a mixture or even no priorities at all.

This perception that it’s my view or the highway has led to a new toxic reaction to differing points of view and philosophical outlooks. Many people, on both the left and the right, are becoming less flexible and increasingly intolerant of the views of others. We now have a new term known as conformational bias that has found its way into our vocabulary. Confidential bias has become more prevalent in our culture because of social media. It was not a plot, it’s just a side effect.

Conformational bias has always been around but the advent of social media has been a major factor in bringing it to the forefront in how it affects our viewpoints. Confirmation bias is basically believing what one chooses to believe. We’re all guilty at some point of conformational bias. Social media advances our personal conformational biases as it allows us to pick and choose what we want to believe and it gives us the ability to negotiate primarily with others who have the same or similar beliefs.

Until we become more cognizant of our susceptibility to be conformationally biased, it will continue to divide us and advance the toxic paralysis that has come to tear our nation apart. We must recognize that we all have a several common beliefs than the  divisional beliefs. We all agree in general that sunsets are beautiful. We all agree in general that it would be ideal to have laws that define the limits of social behaviour. We all agree in general that our country has problems. The problem is with the latter, whom we choose to blame for the problems in our country is a matter of perspective.

I think we can all agree too that we should probably tone down this toxic numbness that has brought us to this point.

We can overcome this by:

being more tolerant of other people’s beliefs and stop taking things so personally.

We need to stop finding differences among people on personal matter and must start trying to a find more common ground. In other words, we need to agree to disagree and stop trying to plunging our opinions down the throats of others.

You can’t change a person’s mind by abusing them physically or verbally.

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