A mental block

Since the past month, I think, I haven’t been able to think of things to write about. I haven’t been able to think or produce new or creative work.

This is really frustrating.

I can’t think. I can’t write.

It upsets me so much.

Is this what people refer to as the writer’s block?

I feel like screaming, crying and throwing and breaking things.

Even if I sit down to write no matter what, I can’t decide. I can’t choose a topic to write about or come up with a story or poem that I’m happy or satisfied with.

This is hard for me to understand and harder to accept.

The daily prompts given by WordPress make me feel worse. The prompts are actually given to help us think, to trigger off a thought process, but they make me feel worse. I feel helpless.

Prompts like premonition and imagination and conversant and the rest fail to help me think. I know I can write on those, but my thoughts don’t flow. Even if they do, I don’t think it’s worth publishing.

While having a shower this morning, I thought this was happening because I’m not able to give enough time to blogging because of my upcoming exams. Maybe if I spend more time working on my blog, I will be able to write.

But I’m not sure how often this will happen or for how long it will last. I don’t know if the causes are a stressed mind or being intimidated by the other blogs that I read or because I expect a lot from myself or a combination of the three or some other reasons which I will discover at a later point in time.

Does this happen to you all too? How do you overcome this? How long does this last for? Please tell me, help me.

This is my rant. I can probably go on but I’m already feeling stressed about the other things that I haven’t done.

And here’s a message to those of you who choose to find the time to help me write, I’ll be grateful to you and I’ll show you that you did not waste your energy. Not to brag but I’m hardworking and sincere and committed.

Take care all of you, spread love and stay happy ♥

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