Daily Prompt: Compromise

I see no point in this prompt, in this word in fact. I don’t seem to be able to understand the purpose of this word.

The dictionary defines this word as the settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions.

But why? Why are people expected to make compromises or sacrifices?

In marriages, women are expected to give up their dreams, aspirations, hobbies, interests and basically everything else about themselves to settle down with some man. They have to make adjustments to be able to acquaint themselves with his family. They are expected to change themselves. They are expected to change their lives and purpose they initially believed that their lives had. But I have one question- Why does this have to happen? Okay, I am not saying that women should not make adjustments and that everyone else should. I am only saying that there is no need for anyone to make any changes in themselves, in their lives or desires. Why can’t people accept and complement each other and love and spread love throughout all phases of life?

What is the need for people to change themselves and make sacrifices to be able to co exist and to ensure harmony?

This prompt has awakened the indecisive person in me and has made me rant pointlessly.

With loads of love,
Thank you WordPress.


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