What does your small mind have to say to every girl with small eyes?


This happens a lot to me. A lot to us girls with small eyes.

They make us feel like we should stick a copy of our birth certificates on our foreheads and walk around indicating that we are not from the Northeast of India or from Korea or from China or from Thailand or from Nepal.

Auto walas come and ask us, ” Madam, Auto you want? I show you city and tell you where hotel free available.”

Talk to me in Hindi. Talk to us in Hindi.

Or why not talk to us in the regional language. Say Kannada or Telugu.

Why talk in English?

Actually, these auto walas are nothing to be honest. Even my friends say, “Hey dude you look so different from us. In fact you look not very much like your parents also, you are Indian only no?”

Here’s one incident. I was once in the Metro and this lady came and sat next to me. She was looking at me and I just let her be. After a few minutes she asked me, ” My husband like momos a lot, please tell me how you make momos. I want to make him happy.” So I casually replied,” I don’t know how to make momos.” She was shocked and asked how that was possible when we Nepalis eat them for almost three meals a day.

Like how ridiculous can people be? I mean use your head at least a little bit.

Assuming I am from the Northeast or where ever else people want to think I am from why would I or any one else eat only one dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if it is a traditional dish, remember that it isn’t the only dish and that in this growing, developing and globalised world all cuisines are available every where.

These assumptions that eventually develop into stereotypes and biases are frustrating.

I am an Indian and I know my identity better than you do or you ever will, so stop assuming and learn to be open.

Learn to be open to learn, to interact and grow mentally and culturally.

I wonder about the plight of the residents of the Northeast states of India who move to various other regions of the country like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore or to Mumbai to pursue their education and/ or career. They are often treated as outsiders- foreigners in their own country.

It really frustrates me.

People just say anything and everything that they feel like saying without even thinking.

Okay, here’s a question. When Mary Com represented India at the International level and won the gold medal, then people from all over the country was filled with pride that an Indian had won a gold medal at the world level People literally worshipped her and even made movies about her. But wait, let me tell you that she is from Manipur and also let you know that Manipur is in the Northeast of India. So when you take pride in her despite her place or origin then why not us. Okay okay, Don’t take pride in everyone but accept them and don’t mistreat them.

Just because people look different does not at all mean that they have to be treated differently.

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